Garden Art Show in LaGrange, Kentucky

My oil painting "Floral in Glass Vase" will be on display from February 28-April 1, 2017 at
Gallery 104 in historic LaGrange, Kentucky. This is a Garden-themed art exhibit with many pieces for sale.

New Oil Painting by Anne Milligan
"The Composer"

"The Composer"
Oil painting on canvas and painted out to all sides of the 1.5" deep canvas.
Anne Milligan, 2017. This and other of my oil paintings will be on display and for sale at the Mellwood March Art Show in Louisville, Kentucky

(In honor of all female music composers now and in the past, especially Alma Mahler, 1879-1964).
Dimensions: 20"x 20".
$2,500. Framed.
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Oil painting on archival canvas board
Dimensions:17" wide x 14" high. Framed.
Anne Milligan, artist. 2016.

This is one of my latest paintings, completed in November, 2016. The inspiration for "Fiddler" was a string quartet that played at an art festival in 2015. They were playing right outside my art booth, so I had some time to listen and watch them. In this painting, I wanted to give the impression of lively art, color, and music that you find at so many creative arts festivals around the country. This painting is also a featured promotional painting for the 2017 Asheville Fine Art Show in Asheville, North Carolina, where the original painting will also be on display and for sale.
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