News Update: October, 2016

I, Anne Milligan, spent the summer of 2016 bicycling around a fabulous series of parks in Louisville, Kentucky called the "Parklands of Floyd's Fork" and am now working on a collection of oil paintings from those adventures. On November 12 and 13, 2016, I will displaying these paintings, and many other originals and prints, at an INDOOR pre-holiday art show called "ARTS ON CITY PLACE" in LaGrange, Kentucky. If you can't make it in person, feel free to visit my art gallery online store for many sizes and styles of prints that meet your price range, space requirements, and personal style!

WELCOME to Anne Milligan Art

I'm happy to welcome you to my Anne Milligan Art website!
1. Order original art and prints from my online gallery store by clicking here:
Anne Milligan Art Gallery
2. I have had several of my bright and happy nature paintings printed on decorative throw pillows. These make really unique GIFTS!!! Click on any of the throw pillows below and order them immediately.

Anne Milligan Art Themes

At my art gallery online store , you can purchase originals and prints in many themes, sizes and prices, so that there is something for everyone. Here are the categories of my artwork that you can choose from right now:

  • Water Paintings and Prints
  • Floral Paintings and Prints
  • Ocean Paintings and Prints
  • Peacock Paintings and Prints
  • Garden Paintings and Prints
  • Hummingbird Paintings and Prints


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